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The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) is the national representative federation for approved housing bodies (AHBs*) in Ireland. The ICSH Federation comprises a range of members with differing capacity, ambitions, and expertise; each playing their part in meeting housing need. ICSH members deliver housing locally and nationally, as well as providing services that support individuals’ capacity to enjoy their right to full participation in the areas of education, health, employment, social integration and inclusion, housing rights and the environment.

In 2023, the ICSH had 273 members providing housing and related services throughout the country, accommodating a diverse range of households. ICSH membership comprises a range of larger developing AHBs, a number that have been providing homes at scale, as well AHB members that are providing and managing a smaller number of homes in local communities, or regional areas. The ICSH is an inclusive housing federation representing and supporting a sector in meeting the growing and diverse range of social and affordable housing. The AHB sector has succeeded in delivering almost 6,000 homes and increasing our public housing stock to 61,500 social rented homes in ownership and management in 2023.

  • families on a low income;
  • older people;
  • disabled people and;
  • households experiencing homelessness.

ICSH members operate in every local authority area in the country and in hundreds of communities across Ireland.

Housing Association Activity in 2023

In 2023, almost 12,000 social rented homes were delivered by local authorities and AHBs in 2023. This is the highest level of social housing output in almost 50 years and is a very positive indicator of lessons learned, and a renewed commitment to growing and safeguarding the stock of affordable rental homes for households in Ireland through the 21st century and beyond. The AHB sector delivered 5,638 social rented homes in 2023 (47% of the total). In addition, 286 cost rental homes were completed by AHBs in 2023 of a total of 966.

AHB Activity in 2023

  • 5,638 social homes delivered through the build, acquisition and leasing programmes.
  • AHBs responsible for 47% of total social housing delivery.
  • 5,154 social homes delivered under build and acquisition and 484 leased.
  • Almost 88% of AHB delivery in 2023 was new build housing.
  • AHB provided 286 cost rental homes in 2023, 30% of total cost rental delivery.
  • 1,101 AHB upgrades/retrofits have been completed since July 2022.
  • Of the 42,545 AHB tenancies registered with the RTB in 2023, 35% had a BER rating between A1 and C3.
  • 463 homes for formerly homeless households were provided by AHBs in 2023 under the CAS delivery stream.
  • 979 individuals are currently in a Housing First tenancy.
  • In 2023, over 320 AHB managed homes were successfully completed as part of the Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (BOTP) Rapid Build Program.

The work of the ICSH is supported by funding from Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage through the Scheme to Support National organisations.