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The ICSH AHB Collaboration Programme has been established to support collaboration and consolidation projects in the AHB sector. Projects such as mergers between smaller bodies, takeovers involving smaller and larger AHBs, the establishment of group service arrangements for AHBs and any other relevant initiatives leading to the re-organisation and rationalisation of the AHB sector are all eligible for support under the programme. The programme is now entering its third year and has supported over twenty projects to date. Successful projects have so far taken place across care & support, elderly, homelessness, mental health and general needs housing providers.

About the AHB Collaboration Programme

The ICSH AHB Collaboration Programme aims to support collaboration and consolidation initiatives in the AHB sector. The programme is administered by the ICSH using funds received under Housing for All from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and it is designed to support projects where two or more AHBs come together in order to progress a consolidation, restructuring or housing management initiative.

To date, the Collaboration Programme has funded more than twenty projects over two years. The majority of these have been takeovers of smaller AHBs by larger bodies but the Collaboration Programme has also funded mergers and innovative housing management projects involving several AHBs and is keen to continue its support here.

For 2024, as well as providing a continued option for smaller AHBs who wish to consolidate, the programme is also available for larger scale projects, in particular exploratory work into collaborative initiatives between AHBs that drive efficiencies in the sector, such as procurement panels will be considered.

The deadline for the receipt of a fully completed application form is 5.00pm on Friday 5th April 2024.

AHB Collaboration Programme 2024 Information Webinar

An information webinar will be held on Tuesday 20th February at 12.00pm to detail previous projects and to answer any questions from those AHBs interested in putting in an application for 2024.

You can register for the webinar here: