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Capital Advance Leasing Scheme (CALF) Seminar – 30th September 2019

More than 100 AHB members and Local authority staff attended our CALF seminar on 30th September to learn more about the changes to the Capital Advance leasing scheme.

This workshop, delivered by Hugh Coll, Head of Financial Modelling, with Altair addressed the needs of those in attendance who were familiar with delivery through CALF and those who were not.  Hugh essentially walked attendees through the ICSH CALF Financial model, how to use it and how to read the outcomes.  Pat Fitzpatrick, Housing Agency went through elements of the CALF financial model but also concentrated on the Housing Agency’s role in the CALF financial assessment process and what they are looking for in the financial assessment.



Welcome and introductions


CALF Financial Modelling and Q&A

Hugh Coll, Head of Financial Modelling, Altair Consultancy


CALF applications process


Pat Fitzpatrick, Housing Agency


Final Q&A



Click here to download the presentation by Pat Fitzpatrick, Housing Agency, on the CALF application process.


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