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Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) Seminar – 25th September 2019

Aidan O’Reilly, Principal Officer at the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government, provided the first input on the CAS approval process and timeline at the ICSH CAS seminar on 25th September.

The content was relevant and interesting for both AHBs new to the scheme and those experienced in CAS. Staff from the Housing Agency procurement unit, Norman Jackson and Noelle Sweeney, provided quality information to more than 20 question from the floor, and offered insights into the service they provide to assist AHB in the procurement process as part of developing new schemes.

The final part of the seminar was an excellent view from the ground, with Niamh Lynch (Banner Housing Association), Aoife Corcoran (Peter McVerry Trust) and Fiona Cormican (Clúid Housing) giving the audience a flavour of developing housing projects on a large- and small- scale using CAS funding and supports. Throughout the seminar genuine dialogue was the catalyst for many suggested measures to improve the operation of the scheme, including improved circular communication, as opposed to linear communication between the Department, local Authorities and AHBs.

Click here to download the presentations.


Karen Murphy, Director of Policy, ICSH

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Context for seminar

Aidan O’Reilly, Principal Officer, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

  • CAS approval process
  • 75 week timeline
  • Development allowances

Norman Jackson and Noelle Sweeney, Housing Agency

  • Procurement requirements
  • Role of the Housing Agency

Niamh Lynch, Banner Housing Association
Aoife Corcoran, Peter McVerry Trust
Fiona Cormican, Cluid Housing
Panel of AHB representatives giving their impressions on:

  • Experience of the assessment and approvals process
  • Relationship with the local authority
  • Response to new timelines
  • Experience of procurement

Listen to Aidan O’Reilly’s (Principal Officer, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government) presentation here.


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