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12 & 13 Dorset Street Upper, Dublin 1 | Regeneration | Clanmil

 Clanmil Ireland are committed to providing quality homes and services, and to playing our part in helping to deliver the Government’s Housing Policy. This commitment is very much in evidence in our recently completed scheme at 12 & 13 Dorset Street Upper.

We are delighted to present these nine new build A-rated apartments in this strategic development zone of Dublin’s inner city. This elegant building sits proudly on the street, its occupants bringing life back to this area of the city since the closure of the Dominick Street flat complex opposite. The apartments boast high ceilings and tall windows to the front looking out over the city. It is a prime example of a successful regeneration project, where a protected structure has been given a new lease of life for generations to come.

This turnkey acquisition, completed in December 2020, was developed by Cross Project Developments and funded by the Department of Housing Local Government & Heritage and the Housing Finance Agency, and in association with Dublin City Council.

The successful collaboration between all stakeholders working together has resulted in this remarkable addition to Dorset Street, enabling tenants to remain living in their community and close to their families.

(photos by Mediapro)