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Brinkwater House, Galway City | Disability | Peter Triest Housing Association

The house situated at Dyke Road, Galway is designed to meet the specific needs of six adults with a moderate degree of intellectual disability with associated physical and sensory disability.

One of the big challenges in the provision of suitable housing to people with an intellectual disability and challenging behaviour is compatibility of individuals to share with others.

It is important that their home is user friendly comprising of ground floor accommodation, easy access and egress with suitable lighting and colour schemes that make the home comfortable and generate a sense of wellbeing.      

In this development, we have tried to meet the complex needs of six individuals in a number of ways and the house is divided into three sections, with separate gardens.

By designing and operating the home is this manner, this is a unique way to be innovate and cater for diverse complex needs in the same building.   While the tenants have their own individual spaces, the design also allows for the sense of a small family unit.

Externally the building is in harmony with other neighbouring residential buildings. 

This model of house can be easily replicated for other projects. The house incorporates the latest technology that allows for efficient housing management, such as certified heat recovery / ventilation system, LED lighting, internal door keypads, modern alarm systems and electric gates.