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Cahercalla, Ennis | Housing for Older People | Cuan an Chláir

This is Phase 2 of an overall project consisting of a day-care centre and houses for older people and people with a disability. It is built on land donated for this purpose by the Diocese of Killaloe, which was part of the farm of St. Flannan’s College.

Phase 1 included the day-care centre and twelve new build houses.

Phase 2 includes four new build houses and ten residential units, and a communal centre developed through the restoration and conservation of a derelict farmyard of old stone buildings in a courtyard formation.

The new build houses are all two bedroom, while the restored courtyard units are a mix of one, two and three bedroom units. The communal centre, which is for the benefit of all residents, is detached and was the original coach house.

This project is not just a housing development. Our vision was to develop a community of people who would benefit from the support of each other, and this is what we have achieved. The layout and design of the project lends itself to the formation of a close-knit community where neighbours help each other. The residents also co-operate and assist in the maintenance of the external common areas.