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Carraig Eden, Greystones | Collaboration | Wicklow County Council

In 2016 Wicklow County Council became aware that Carraig Eden was being sold, putting the 30 residents at risk of homelessness. Wicklow County Council swiftly collaborated with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and funding was secured to purchase and upgrade the  dilapidated building into a transitional supported accommodation facility, operated by Tiglin.

The accommodation changed from dilapidated, draughty, shared bedrooms and communal bathrooms to 35 no. en-suite single bedrooms that are wrapped up in an all new super insulated exterior to create a super low energy building.

Carraig Eden now provides the residents with high quality, modern, independent living accommodation, encapsulating  the best of sustainable design in a re-imagined deep retro fit building  while at the same time providing them with support from the Tiglin community through the shared living facilities and access to the support team. Located in the centre of the town and close to the Dart station, the residents are ideally located to take up employment or training opportunities in the community.

The high quality of this building and its surrounds sends a message to the residents that they are valued both as individuals and as part of the community in Greystones.