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Loving Life Choir, Drogheda | Housing Management | Foscadh

In 2019, in response to the impact of drugs and crime on the outlook of children in Drogheda, Foscadh Housing launched the community’s first ever children’s choir through its housing management program. The choir aims to create positive opportunities for Drogheda’s youth. Membership is free and open to anyone between the ages of 6 and 20, regardless of their background, ethnicity, ability and gender.

In September 2020, the choir won funding from the Housing Finance Agency to write and produce a song about their experiences under Covid-19 lockdown. With guidance from their musical director and a composer, with sessions conducted over Zoom and other online apps, choir members chose their favourite chord progressions, rhythms and instrumentation, developed lyrics and even took part in a competition to create an artist’s impression of the song’s fictional character, Mary Rose, to bring her lockdown story to life. The song, titled “Another Day” will be launched to the public very soon.

Through their latest initiative, achieved during the most challenging of times, Loving Life Choir members have shown us their incredibly resilience and positive mindset, inspiring us all with their song of hope for a brighter future for us all.