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Peer Support Service | Community | HAIL

HAIL recognises that bricks and mortar alone does not make a home.  Our Peer Support Service is built around a team of volunteers who draw on their own lived experience of mental health difficulties to help those living with long-term and acute mental health issues, who are ready to move away from homelessness and insecurity  towards stability and recovery.

We meet our new tenants and referrals ‘at their doorstep’.  Our engagement extends beyond a warm hand of comfort; offering each individual a pathway and structured support, so the most vulnerable can gain the courage they need to build social connections. We walk with them, to find the supports which not only helps them feel like a resident, but a valued member of their community. For our tenants, sustaining a new home can be a daunting undertaking, and each individual has their own unique journey.  By offering one-to-one or group support, or the introduction to further social and community activities, we encourage them to take control of how they connect, and we are there to help them get back on their feet when things don’t go to plan. At HAIL, we believe that building resilient individuals will ultimately help build resilient communities.