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Expressions of Interest to Participate in ICSH 2020 Tenant Satisfaction Survey


Following on from the 2017 sector wide tenant satisfaction survey, ICSH are conducting a survey for 2020. 2020 has been a hugely challenging year for the sector and therefore it is even more crucial to check in with the biggest stakeholder in the sector – the tenants. The overall aims of the 2020 survey are to support the sector by:

  • Identifying the overall satisfaction of tenants with their homes and the housing association (their landlord);
  • Ascertaining tenant views about the quality of current housing services and supports provided;
  • Ascertaining the impact of Covid-19 on housing services and supports;
  • Building a wider picture of the sector from the tenant’s perspective and informing future areas of research.

It is proposed that the survey will be conducted by telephone by a research agency, as this generally provides a higher response rate than postal survey.


The ICSH and our members will collaborate on this project to achieve a high quality of results from the sector. The ICSH have a track record of managing tenant satisfaction surveys on behalf of members.

The objective is to achieve a 400 or 500 response survey to form a representative sample of all housing association tenants at standard confidence level and interval. The sample will be selected to ensure an adequate representation from the four main sectors of social housing represented by the ICSH, namely elderly, disability, family and accommodation for those who were formerly homeless.

An aggregated survey will be produced and disseminated by the ICSH to relevant stakeholders in the sector. Each participating organisation will also receive an anonymised report for each scheme that they provide (subject to the response threshold exceeding that which would not breach confidentiality).

Why Take Part?

The ICSH and the member organisations that took part in the 2017 survey used the results as an important communication tool to highlight the experience of housing associations tenants. Specifically, the outcomes were useful in highlighting the role of housing associations as successful social housing providers and managers. The results are also instructive for individual associations that wish to continue to improve the quality of housing management services provided to tenants. These previously collated metrics and outcomes of individual tenant surveys showed a well performing sector, effective housing and estate management and tenant satisfaction and helped to resolve any misconceptions about housing associations and their tenants. It is hoped that the 2020 survey results will highlight similar results and continue to be a useful tool for members to showcase the importance of their work.

Overall, this survey will provide up-to-date and useful information to a range of stakeholders and funders in the sector.


Please find further information about the 2020 Tenant Satisfaction Survey here, and details of how to express your interest in participating.