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ICSH AHB Collaboration Programme and Fund 2022

The ICSH AHB Collaboration Programme and Fund has been established to support projects such as mergers between smaller bodies, takeovers of one AHB by another, the establishment of group service arrangements for AHBs and any other relevant initiatives leading to the re-organisation of the AHB sector.

About the AHB Collaboration Fund

The ICSH AHB Collaboration Fund is a new specific designated programme and fund aimed at supporting the progression of collaboration and consolidation initiatives in the AHB sector. The fund is administered by the ICSH using funds received under Housing for All, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and designed to support projects where two or more AHBs come together in order to progress a consolidation or restructuring initiative.

The focus of this round of funding in 2022 is for proposals that will lead to the rationalisation of the AHB sector that will result in greater capacity for the sector at a local level.

This programme is a co-ordinated response from the ICSH which has emerged through the ICSH Working Group on Collaboration and wider membership as a programme to have additional capacity building resources in the sector to facilitate collaboration.

Main Aims of the Fund

  • Provide resources for project-based support to advance projects that may not otherwise occur due to limited capacity and competing priorities in the sector.
  • Expediate consolidation in the sector by providing time-limited financial support to specific projects.
  • Provide useful case studies for projects that can be replicated in other locations and contexts in the sector.

Applications for Support and Deadline

The fund is open to applications by all currently registered AHBs.

To make an application for support under the fund, an AHB should complete the accompanying application form. The deadline for receipt of fully completed applications form is 5.00pm on Thursday 12th May 2022.

Joint applications for funding can be made by two or more AHBs if deemed appropriate, and a lead AHB should be identified for project management purposes.

For informal enquiries about the fund, please contact Kevin Ryan at

Please click here to download additional details as well as the accompanying fund application form.

Information Webinar

The ICSH will host an information webinar on the Fund on the 26th April at 2.00pm. You can register for the webinar at the link below or by contacting

Register in advance for this webinar: