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ICSH Regional Member Meetings

Regional Meetings

The ICSH is pleased to confirm that it will host a round of regional meetings via Zoom this February. It is hoped that these meetings will provide a forum for members to engage with ICSH staff and other housing associations and will also provide an opportunity to raise issues of central concern to them. Each meeting will begin at 7.00pm and will include brief updates for members in areas such as housing management, governance and compliance responsibilities and development. Meetings are aimed at both voluntary board members and staff of housing associations and the online format may encourage those who may not traditionally attend ICSH meetings to participate. Each meeting will also include an open forum for members to discuss issues of note to them. Registration is available at the links below and we look forward to seeing you at each event:

ICSH Regional Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. ICSH Updates for Members
    • Housing Management & RTB
    • Regulation & Collaboration
    • Development
    • Education and Events
  3. Open Forum for Member Issues