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ICSH Shines Spotlight on Female Leadership on International Women’s Day 2023

The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) is planning a series of events over the course of 2023, which will shine a spotlight on the women in the sector who are showing leadership within our approved housing body (AHB) member organisations, and as AHB tenant community builders.

Our annual Autumn housing conference is just such a platform for showcasing the important contributions from women in housing. In addition, our training and educational events will continue to support our members in developing the skills to explore the challenges that working in housing presents.

The housing crisis and the paths that have led us here are multilayered. However, what is increasingly clear is that secure and affordable housing helps underpin our country’s social and economic stability and is the bedrock for happy and healthy communities. Support through housing is increasingly being driven by women leaders at both a local and organisational level.

Tina Donaghy is Vice-President of the Irish Council for Social Housing and is Director of Development and New Business at Fold Housing Association a Tier 3 Approved Housing Body since 2008. Tina has worked in the Housing Sector for over 30 years and has a successful track record in the establishment and growth of housing associations and the delivery of quality housing solutions for many people. Speaking on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, and reflecting on global crises and Ireland’s housing response to forced displacement from Ukraine, Tina said: “On this international Women’s Day, my thoughts are with the many women facing extremely difficult challenges as a result of the war in Ukraine. Women have had to leave their country, their homes, their jobs and loved ones. The devastation and displacement of thousands of women and children has encouraged me to double down on my efforts in building homes and communities where people can live in a safe, secure and peaceful environment”.