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ICSH Housing Association Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2020

Tenant satisfaction survey 2020 Cover image

Following on from the successful Tenant Satisfaction Survey conducted in 2017, the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) have now finalised another survey for 2020, during what was a very challenging year for our sector.  A representative sample of tenants was taken from across each tier and from each housing category (older people, low income family, disability, households experiencing homelessness) and this has provided a robust indicator of the level of satisfaction among tenants in their homes.

The aim of the 2020 survey is to support the sector by:

  • identifying the overall satisfaction of tenants with their homes and the housing association;
  • ascertaining tenant views about the quality of current housing services and supports provided;
  • ascertaining the impact of Covid-19 on housing services and supports;
  • building a wider picture of the sector from the tenant’s perspective and informing future areas of research; and
  • benchmarking and building on the results from the 2017 survey.

The survey had an excellent response rate and the results are very positive with many areas showing an increase in tenant satisfaction levels compared to the 2017 survey. The data collected demonstrates a high-performing sector with efficient housing and estate management services and high tenant satisfaction levels, effectively challenging misconceptions about housing associations and their tenants.

The full findings will be launched by the ICSH on Thursday 10th December from 11am – 12pm.

Speakers to Include

  • ICSH President, Pat Doyle (CEO, Peter McVerry Trust)
  • Barbara Steenbergen, the International Union of Tenants [The IUT ( is the united voice of 72 tenant organisations in 47 countries worldwide]
  • Tenants from two participating housing associations (HAIL and Tuath Housing)
  • Spark  – The Strategic Insight Agency (who conducted the survey) Spark Research Agency

Registration in advance for this event is essential via the link below:

If you have any queries about this event, please contact