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Podcast: ICSH Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2020

Following on from our first ever sector-wide survey commissioned in 2017, the ICSH have completed the Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2020. A total of 504 15-minute telephone interviews, from 16 participating housing associations of varying size, were conducted by an independent research agency (Spark Market Research) during October 2020.

A representative sample of tenants was taken from each housing category, providing a robust indicator of the level of satisfaction among housing association tenants in their homes. In our 2017 survey, eight out of ten tenants were satisfied with the quality of services from their housing association. In 2020, during what was a very challenging year for our sector, topline results confirm that:

  • 90% of participating housing association tenants are satisfied with the services they receive; and
  • tenants have identified good quality housing (93%), efficient repairs service (88%) and estate management (82%) as the most important services provided by their housing association.

Speakers at the Survey launch on 10th December 2020 were:

  • ICSH President, Pat Doyle (CEO, Peter McVerry Trust);
  • Barbara Steenbergen, the International Union of Tenants [The IUT ( is the united voice of 72 tenant organisations in 47 countries worldwide];
  • Tenants from two participating housing associations: Tony Burgess (HAIL) and Karen McCann (Tuath Housing);
  • Sean Gildea, Spark, The Strategic Insight Agency (who conducted the survey).