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ICSH Response to Government’s ‘Housing for All’ Consultation

The ICSH welcomes Housing for All as a real opportunity to balance our housing system in favour of one that provides affordability, security and a place of safety for all households regardless of their economic status.

The main priority of Housing for All should be to ensure that the Housing System provides accessible, affordable, quality accommodation for all regardless of tenure. For people on low incomes this will mean that there will be sufficient social housing stock to ensure that no individual or family is left behind or left homeless.

We believe it is crucial that the Government define a long-term vision to 2030 under the National Planning Framework that sets realisable goals. Housing for All should set explicit targets for our housing system that:

  • by 2030 15% of all occupied homes will be long-term social and cost rental homes provided by AHBs and Local Authorities
  • a steady supply of social housing from AHBs and Local authorities will combat homelessness
  • sustainability and climate measures – introduce a targeted programme to retrofit AHB homes to B2 energy standards
  • there will be a range of purpose built, supported homes for older people and people with disabilities
  • there will be a range of accommodation types including 1 bedroom homes
  • households will have security of tenure whether they rent or own their accommodation.

ICSH Response to Housing For All Consultation

ICSH Housing for All Background Note