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Social Housing in Mixed Tenure Communities Report

Over the past twenty years, the percentage of Approved Housing Body (AHB) owned or managed social housing located in mixed tenure estates has increased from 20% to 80%. This reflects state policy objectives and measures such as Part V. This report identifies overwhelming support for tenure mixing and indicates that strong and integrated communities have grown in estates with both private and social housing residents. Importantly, this research also explores additional factors (such as estate design, procurement and funding models) influencing the delivery and location of social housing in mixed tenure estates, as well as social housing’s impact on market housing delivery in mixed tenure estates. The analysis presented in the report has important implications for current and future public housing policy, planning and design.

This research – commissioned by the Housing Agency and the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) and carried out by Professor Michelle Norris, Dr. Aideen Hayden, Dr Angela Palmer and Eleanor McMahon of UCD – aims to bridge the information gaps on the extent to which social housing provided by AHBs in Ireland is provided in mixed tenure developments and how mixed tenure housing is delivered and managed. The report considers different models of mixed tenure provision as well as case study analysis including the perspectives of AHBs, tenants, local authority staff, developers, residents, policy makers and elected representatives. The report aims to provide information for policymakers and AHBs, which will contribute to high quality social housing provision in mixed tenure settings.

The Report was launched by the ICSH and The Housing Agency (via Zoom) on Thursday 31st March 11am. You can view a video recording of the launch here

Download the full report and executive summary below.