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Webinar: Lone Working Safety – Risks and Solutions

01/07/2020 @ 11:0011:45

With staff increasingly lone working, especially during the Covid crisis, this free webinar is aimed at managers or supervisors who are responsible for lone working staff and wish to discuss the current risks and solutions and to implement effective strategies to assist in reducing incidents of lone working.

This webinar aims to enable you to:

  • Understand and appreciate the current legal approach to Lone Working Safely;
  • Acknowledge the current risks around Lone Working Safely;
  • Reflect upon and review new / innovative ideas to assist in reducing risks;
  • Commit to and implement strategies for improving the safety of themselves and others;
  • Attain Lone Worker Agreements;
  • Self-reflect on the ‘A’ Model for Lone Working Safely; and
  • Question and Answer Session

The webinar is free and will be delivered by Will Holland of Quell Training, who the ICSH has partnered with for many years in delivering lone worker and challenging behaviour training.

Please email to book your place on this webinar.