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Glenconnor Hill, Clonmel | Housing for Families | Tipperary County Council

Tipperary County Council had not built a major housing development for 20 years. On the resumption of its housing programme, under Rebuilding Ireland, it wanted to make a new mark.

The site at Glenconnor Hill was a great opportunity to launch a new era of social housing in Tipperary. It was part of Clonmel but also offered outstanding views of the Comeragh mountains. The architect wanted to create a development that combined three things, it was a seamless addition to the town, it formed its own sense of identity for its new community and it connected with the wonderful panorama beyond.

This was achieved by using a layout of two linear slender curves, linked to a central green area, with everything orientated towards the south. The essence of the design was to create a place to live with the intimacy of a village – the green, but also connected to something much bigger – the mountains. Today Glenconnor Hill is a cohesive mix of household types and nationalities. Everybody loves living there. The new residents have picked up where the design left off and transformed their urban slice into a wonderful community they are all delighted to be part of.