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Irish Council for Social Housing Annual Report 2023

2023 saw a return to normality within the ICSH after several years of the sector affected by COVID-related constraints. This last year also allowed for much more engagement, including regular in-person meetings with key stakeholders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. All these active engagements enabled greater housing delivery by ICSH members and new initiatives in 2023, which the ICSH are here to support.

In 2023, the ICSH had 273 members providing housing and related services throughout the country, accommodating a diverse range of households. ICSH membership comprises a range of larger developing AHBs, a number that have been providing homes at scale, as well AHB members that are providing and managing a smaller number of homes in local communities, or regional areas. The ICSH is an inclusive housing federation representing and supporting a sector in meeting the growing and diverse range of social and affordable housing. The AHB sector has succeeded in delivering almost 6,000 homes and increasing our public housing stock to 61,500 social rented homes in ownership and management in 2023.