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Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2023

This survey is the third national survey, undertaken by the ICSH to ascertain AHB tenants’ views in relation to their accommodation and associated services. Previous surveys (2017 and 2020) are available on the ICSH website. The findings from this survey will help inform the ICSH and its member AHBs on areas of housing management performance that require further or continued focus, thereby helping to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of social housing service delivery to tenants. Importantly, it evidences the high level of services delivered by the sector and helps promote the extensive work undertaken by large and small AHBs around the country.

  • Once again, the survey found very high levels of overall satisfaction with the services provided by AHBs (84%). This is a slight decrease (down 6%) on the 2020 survey.
  • Good quality housing is of the utmost importance to tenants (99%), as is an efficient repairs service (97%) and the estate management and upkeep of communal areas (95%).
  • Repairs are also by far the main reason for landlord-tenant interaction and a key factor behind any dissatisfaction with the overall service provided and the customer services received.
  • Findings support high levels of satisfaction with the safety of the home as well as with the performance of housing staff, the communication tenants have with their AHB and the services in the local area.
  • Fuel poverty has increased, with 21% fewer tenants finding it affordable to comfortably heat their homes compared with the previous survey. A considerable proportion of tenants are also struggling to meet the cost of household bills (25%) and utility/fuel bills (31%).
  • The number of tenants satisfied with the response from their AHB to feedback or suggestions they had given is considerably lower. The 2023 figure is 76%, down 15% on the 2020 survey. In addition, 13% of tenants now feel they have never had the opportunity to give any feedback (9% in 2020).
  • Where there is interest among tenants in being involved in how housing is managed in their area, this primarily takes the form of participating in meetings and residents’ associations.
  • Almost all tenants who receive additional support services view them as important to their tenancy (98%). Tenants are highly satisfied with the different support services delivered: between 84% and 92%, with the highest level of satisfaction being for the information and advice provided.
  • The number of tenants who feel it is important that they will be able to buy their own home one day has been rising since the first survey in 2017 and now stands at 56%. Tenants with children in their household find this much more important than those without children (83% and 40% respectively)